Electrochimie et Photo Electrochimie

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Universal photo- & spectro-electrochemical workstations, options and accessories.


The ZAHNER CIMPS system based on LED arrays brings an additional advantage compared to the IMPS described in the literature: a control loop regulates light intensity and modulation and keeps it absolutely stable.


Quantum Efficiency (QE) / Incident Photon Conversion Efficiency (IPCE) measurements at a new level of performance and accuracy.

CIMPS Options

Extend your CIMPS photo-electrochemical workstation for a number of special applications.


The PECC-1/PECC-2 are specially tailored for testing electrode materials with photoelectrochemical techniques. Several mounting options for samples offer flexibility for various tasks.

Light Sources

Over 50 monochromatic light sources from UV to IR are available. The portfolio includes high power white and coloured LEDs, tungsten lamps and tuneable light sources.

Light Exclusion Box

The CIMPS Light Exclusion Box (LEB) is an indispensable supplement for all CIMPS applications using CIMPS LED light sources. Next to its function to protect the sample setup from light, at the same time, it works as a Faraday’s cage.